How to Arrive

How To Arrive

There are many exciting ways to reach our beach house.
Below are some of them.

  • A direct bus, run by Transportes Cobano,  leaves twice a day from Downtown San Jose and brings you to Mal Pais/Santa Teresa.
  • The bus departs from the San Carlos bus terminal at 6:00am and 2:00pm. The 6:00am bus arrives at about 12:30pm, and the 2:00pm bus arrives at about 8:30pm.
  • The bus drops you off at the ferry, goes on the ferry with you, and picks you up again on the other side. Make sure to keep your receipt, so that you can get back on the bus in Paquera.
  • The bus schedule is timed so that it gets to the ferry shortly before departure, so wait time is minimal and the trip is streamlined. If the ferry schedule changes, this may affect the bus departure time. You can always call  Transportes Cobano to confirm departure time. Phone numbers: 2221-7479 / 2642-1112 / 2642-1117
  • Once the bus arrives in Santa Teresa, it drives up the road a couple kilometers. If you know where you want to go, ask the driver to drop you off in front of your destination.
  • Water Taxi leaves Herradura Beach (just north of Jaco) every day at 11am (weather permitting).
  • Passengers are picked up in Jaco and driven to the departure point.
  • Zuma Tours can also arrange a shuttle from different locations, such as Manual Antonio.
  • Arrives in Montezuma an hour later
  • From there, Zuma Tours takes you by shuttle to Santa Teresa
  • Perfect opportunity to observe wildlife, including dolphins, manta rays, turtles, and the occasional whale.
  • Reservations must be made in advance.
  • You will get your feet wet, entering and exiting the boat.
  • There is a weight limit for luggage, and surfboards and boxes have an addition fee.
  • Shuttle Conections with Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, Tambor, Manuel Antonio, Dominical, Uvita, Airport and San Jose

When driving to Santa Teresa, the trip can be divided into 3 parts.

Getting to Puntarenas → Going from Puntarenas to Paquera → Going from Paquera to Santa Teresa

Getting to Puntarenas

  • From San Jose, there are two roads one can take to get to Puntarenas. The Pan-American Highway (Carretera Interamericana Norte), i.e. Route 1, takes about 2 hours.
  • A newer toll road, called the Caldera Highway (Autopista del Sol), i.e. Route 27, cuts the driving time to about 75 minutes from San Jose to Puntarenas.
  • From Liberia, drive south on the Pan-American Highway, and turn off at the Puntarenas exit.
  • From Liberia, you can also bypass the ferry by driving through Santa Cruz, on to  Nicoya – Jicaral – Naranjo to Paquera (a 4×4 is recommended).
From Paquera to MalPais/Santa Teresa
  • From Paquera the drive to Santa Teresa will take you past Tambor and Cobano before arriving in Santa Teresa. Signs for those places will let you know you’re going the right way.
  • The road to Montezuma is the same as the road to Santa Teresa, until you arrive in Cobano. In Cobano, turn left to go to Montezuma, or keep going straight to go to Santa Teresa
  • When you arrive at the Playa Carmen crossroads, a left will take you to Malpais, and a right will take you to Santa Teresa.
From Puntarenas to Paquera
  • Once you arrive in Puntarenas, drive to the end of the peninsula, to the ferry departure point.
  • You will start to see signs directing you to the ferry
  • Note that there are two different ferries, one to Paquera, and one to Naranjo. Make sure to take the ferry to Paquera.
  • Pay for the ferry in the ticket booth, across the street from the ferry. You cannot pay on the ferry. You must pay for the car and for each person in the car.
  • The ferry takes about 75 minutes to cross the Gulf of Nicoya, and it may take another 15 minutes to drive your car off the ferry.